Lee Dong Gun, right example of a divorced father

Although he divorced his wife Jo Yoon Hee, Lee Dong Gun is still doing his best as a father. He is setting an example of a divorced father.

Lee Dong Gun attended the press conference of Netflix’s original series “Celebrity” held in Seoul on the morning of June 26th. This is his first work 4 years after TV Chosun’s “Leverage”, which ended in December 2019.

In the meantime, Lee Dong Gun divorced Jo Yoon Hee. Lee Dong Gun married Jo Yoon Hee, with whom he co-starred in KBS2’s drama “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop” in 2017. They welcomed their first daughter in December of the following year, but divorced in 2020.

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Regarding his comeback activities after a long time, Lee Dong Gun stated, “I thought there must be a reason why I should take a break from work. I believed that it is important for a father to spend time together with his daughter during the process of her growing up from the age of 5 to 7.

He added that he did his best as a father, not an actor, during his 4-year hiatus, “After going through personal pain, I focused on my only daughter. Although I can’t always be by her side, I wanted to alleviate the anxiety about her father’s absence, so I gave my heart and time to spend with her.

Even before the divorce, Lee Dong Gun showed the sense of responsibility of a parenting daddy. When he appeared in the musical “Bodyguard” in December 2019, he boasted in a meeting with OSEN that he was living a more regular life than when filming dramas, so his proportion of childcare was higher than that of his wife.

He said with satisfaction, “My daughter used to look for her mother a lot, but now it’s the opposite. One time, she woke up at night. Her mother approached, but she said she was finding me. It was touching.

lee dong gun

In particular, he drew attention by emphasizing, “I was immature in my 20s and lazy in my 30s. Now, I think it’s sunk in that I’m a father. Rather than becoming more popular and taking on cool roles in drama, I felt from the moment I held my child, like being hit by lightning, that I just need to become someone who works hard.”

Lee Dong Gun remains a good father to his daughter although he could not keep his family.

Source: Daum

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