We can’t see IU’s three high notes for a while… “‘Good Day’, now it’s time to let it go”

Singer IU sang “Good Day” and turned 18 for a moment.

IU held her solo concert “The Golden Hour: Under The Orange Sun” at the Seoul Olympic Main Stadium on Sep 18th. IU is the first Korean female singer to hold a concert at the main stadium.

The main stadium is the largest concert hall in Korea. It has 69,950 seats and can accommodate up to 100,000 people including standing. About 130,000 spectators entered IU’s concert held on Sep 17th~18th to share precious time with IU.

After this concert, IU will remove “Palette” and “Good Day” from her performance set list.

Regarding “Good Day”, IU said, “It brought me recognition and it’s a song that I sing a lot and have many memories with, but I think it’ll be hard to see it on my official set list for a while. I’m also sad. A lot of thoughts pass by. I’ll try my best to sing it now.”

After showing off her explosive vocals with three high notes, she and fans finished the song with “Such a good day”.

IU made everyone laugh by saying, “It’s a song with a lot of memories, isn’t it? It seems that there’ll be people who think ‘Why don’t you just sing it then?’ When I sing ‘Good Day’, I sing three high notes then leave the stage. It was always regrettable that the arrangement of ‘Good Day’ became obvious when making a set list. I’m already in my 30s. This is a song I sang when I was 18. I like ‘oppas’, but there aren’t many people for me to call ‘oppa’ now.”

IU added, “Elementary school fans also came to my concert. Some fans don’t know IU’s ‘Good Day’. I made this decision for the concert.” Shen then expressed her gratitude to fans.

Source: daum

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