All outstanding and special things about IU’s  “Golden Hour” concert: she will stop singing some famous songs?!

IU has just held the Golden Hour concert in Seoul, Korea.

“National little sister” IU is the most successful female solo idol in K-pop. For over 14 years, she has always been loved thanks to her music, talent, and personality. On the evening of September 17, IU successfully held the Golden Hour concert in Seoul, Korea.

IU’s concert has wowed the audience with the painstaking and enormous expenditure and the number of fans attending right from the start. The female idol made an appearance at the concert and flaunted her gorgeous beauty. Through each performance, “national little sister” gradually proves why she has been loved by the public for the past 14 years. Additionally, IU has complimentary presents for fans, including cards, seat cushions, and other items.

The light performance during IU’s concert was likewise stunning. Furthermore, the image of IU standing in a pink hot air balloon surrounded by a sea of dazzling lightsticks makes the scene more romantic and magnificent.

IU’s concert attracted many famous idols of the Korean entertainment industry such as Nayeon (TWICE), Jungkook (BTS), Soobin and Beomgyu (TXT). In addition, IZTY also appeared on the performance stage as a special guest.

At the concert, IU also announced that she would stop singing some hits like “Good Day”, “Palette”. The reason is that the female idol thought that at her age, she is not suitable to perform these songs anymore.

Despite numerous ups and downs, IU has managed to keep her fans’ affection for 14 years. The female idol’s concert’s meticulous, colossal investment reflected her passion for music.

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