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Kim Hee-chul asked Apink’s Yoon Bo-mi to marry him in latest episode of “Knowing Bros”

Kim Hee-chul sincerely proposed to Yoon Bo-mi and planned to get married next year, drawing attention.

In the 340th episode of JTBC’s entertainment show “Knowing Bros“, Ji Hyun-woo, Young-tak, and Apink’s Yoon Bo-mi appeared as guests and challenged to act as in an “Inside” skit.

Kim Hee Chul Yoon Bo Mi

The concept of the skit is Yoon Bo-mi and her boyfriends. It was the so-called “Gentleman inside” where each male participant acted as different phases of Yoon Bomi’s boyfriend.

Kim Hee Chul Yoon Bo Mi

Kim Hee-chul appeared after Ji Hyun-woo, Young-tak, and Kim Young-chul, Yoon Bo-mi and acted as Bomi’s seven-year long-term relationship boyfriend.

Kim Hee Chul Yoon Bo Mi

Kim Hee-chul was flustered and said, “We have to get married now. When are we getting married? My mom and dad are watching this, too. My mom and dad really told me to get married next year,” he said.

Kim Hee Chul Yoon Bo Mi

Yoon Bo-mi responded, “Shall we get married next year?” Kim Hee-chul said, “Shall we do it for real, not just for the broadcast?” and emphasized his sincerity.

When Yoon Bo-mi complained that her house smelled like cement, she said, “You’re going to live in my house. Didn’t you read the article? I just bought a house,” he said naturally, showing off his wealth. Recently, Kim Hee-chul made headlines by unveiling his buying a new house in Samsung-dong, which is worth 5 billion won.

Kim Hee Chul Yoon Bo Mi

Kim Hee-chul once again mentioned the marriage, saying, “My mom and dad think I’m really getting married.” Yoon Bo-mi then said, “When will I enter (to live in) your house?” then came out but turned to the bathroom instead, drawing laughter. Shin-dong jokingly said, “He bought an expensive house, so go to your own bathroom.”

Kim Hee Chul Yoon Bo Mi

Meanwhile, Seo Jang-hoon was attacked by Yoon Bo-mi’s words, “We have dated for 10 years. It’s about time we got married. But my dad opposed it.”

Seo said, “I would oppose it as well if I were him.” Yoon Bo-mi responded, “So what if you already got married and divorced once? What is the problem?” drawing laughter once again. Seo Jang-hoon got married to an anchor in 2009, but divorced three years later, in 2012.

Source: Nate

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