“Doctor Cha” Min Woo Hyuk “The kiss scene with Kim Byung Chul is ad-lib”

A new fashion pictorial of actor Min Woo Hyuk of JTBC’s drama “Doctor Cha” was released.

In the pictorial, Min Woo Hyuk showed the aspect of a magical man under the concept “magical black hole”.

Min Woo Hyuk, who played sweet doctor Roy Kim in “Doctor Cha”, heated up the atmosphere of the set with a pleasant appearance. He recalled the filming site, “It was really the best. I’ve done musicals, dramas and movies, but it’s really the best among them.”

Doctor Cha Min Woo Hyuk

He continued, “All the staff, including the director, as well as actors Uhm Jung Hwa, Kim Byung Chul and Myung Se Bin were warm-hearted. It was like a family. I think these parts are the biggest reason for the drama’s success.

Doctor Cha Min Woo Hyuk

Regarding the kiss scene with Kim Byung Chul, which became a hot topic, he shared, “It wasn’t in the script. I thought the timing of the scene was perfect for a kiss, so I asked actor Kim Byung Chul for permission to try it. We improvised it. It was all ad-lib.

Finally, about the character he wants to challenge in the future, he picked “powerful villain role”.

Min Woo Hyuk’s pictorial and interview can be found in the June issue of “The Star”.

Source: Naver

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