Actress sisters Kim Ok Bin and Chae Seo Jin amaze netizens with their “twin” visuals

Actress sisters, known as representative visuals in the entertainment industry, drew attention as they certified their “twin” appearances.

On November 5th, actress Kim Ok Bin uploaded two photos on her Instagram account along with the caption “Today’s wedding ceremony”.

The released pictures show Kim Ok Bin and her sister – actress Chae Seo Jin putting their faces together and taking selfies.

Kim Ok Bin and Chae Seo Jin showed off their similar visuals, reminiscent of twins, with small faces and soft facial features. Especially, the two wore couple earrings and made the V pose, catching the eyes of fans with their affectionate and warm relationship. They also drew admiration with their unique pure charm in long wavy hairstyles. 

Netizens who saw the photos were surprised by the two’s beauties and gave enthusiastic responses.

Under Kim Ok Bin’s post, Instagram users commented, “Are they twins?”, “An angel next to an angel”, “I can’t figure out who is who?”, “Their eyes look so much alike”, “Superior sisters”, “Cute and pretty people”, etc.

Kim Ok-bin - Chae Seo-jin

Earlier last year, Kim Ok Bin appeared on MBC’s “The Manager” and openly expressed her affection for her younger sister. Praising Chae Seo Jin’s beauty, Kim Ok Bin said, “My youngest sister is the prettiest person in the world”. 

Kim Ok Bin was born in 1987 and Chae Seo Jin (Kim Go Woon) was born in 1994. They’re sisters with a 7-year age gap. The two are known as actress sisters who have superior visual genes. 

Source: Wikitree

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