BTS’s RM and V Express Love for ARMYs and Promise to Return Healthy a Day Before Enlistment

BTS’s RM and V are ready for their enlistment tomorrow (Dec 11)

On Dec 10, V shared several photos of himself with a shaved head through his Instagram. V said, “It is like a fantasy. Shaved head with sunglasses, something I wanted to try someday, and it turned out well.” He shows a bright appearance to ease the concerns of fans.

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V has been making efforts to reassure fans since before. During a Weverse live on Dec 5, the idol expressed, “It’s really exciting. Once we come back together, we can appreciate each other’s preciousness. I will come back healthy and strong.”

Also, as it was revealed that V applied for the Army Special Forces, fans’ concerns have grown even more. In response, he comforted fans, “ARMYs, you have been worried a lot. I am going because I want to challenge myself once, and since I have a goal, I hope you don’t worry too much. I will come back healthy. Please trust only me.” 

RM also expressed his love for ARMYs. On Dec 10, in a lengthy letter, he sincerely conveyed his feelings. He said, “I have been so happy to live as BTS for the past ten years. I’ve always said it like a habit, but the end is a different beginning, so after it passes, I believe there will be something else good waiting for us.”

As the leader, RM also expressed gratitude for BTS members. He mentioned, “Seokjin hyung (Jin) and Hoseok (J-Hope) who enlisted before us must have had a much harder time than us. Watching them overcome it so bravely gives me even more courage.”

RM continued, “Whether it’s long or short, during the upcoming 18 months, I believe it will be a strange and new period of inspiration and learning for all of us. It’s scary and frightening, but during this vague time, is there anything else to look forward to and anticipate than the fact that there will be something comforting like learning and inspiration?

RM and V will enlist as active-duty soldiers for mandatory military service on Dec 11. On the following day, Jimin and Jungkook will also enlist, marking the complete entry of BTS into military service. The expected time for their full group activities to resume is June 2025.

Source: daum

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