“Fantasy Boys” Contestant Faces Backlash for Body-Shaming Fellow Trainees 

A participant in “Fantasy Boys” receives criticism for fat shaming fellow contestants.

Recently, K-Soul, a contestant from MBC’s ongoing survival show “Fantasy Boys,” has found himself embroiled in a controversy. 


His derogatory comments regarding the physical appearance of two fellow trainees, Kim Woo Seok and Hikari, have sparked outrage among fans. 

During a recent episode of “Fantasy Boys,” Kim Woo Seok initiated the conversation, saying, “Soul said that Hikari’s photo card is ugly. Yesterday during the filming, he even touched my chin and said it had too much fat.”


Upon hearing this, K-Soul immediately responded, “You are already handsome, but you would look even better if you lost some fat in your chin.

Hikari, who was at the receiving end of K-Soul’s body-shaming comments, appeared visibly embarrassed. Despite this, K-Soul proceeded to comment, “Hikari pig baby.

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