IVE members’ first settlement…Leeseo “I bought coffee capsules”

IVE members mentioned their first settlement.

On April 15th, the video of “The Kstar Next Door 3” episode 1 was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Diggle”. In the video, Jonathan met IVE Leeseo, Rei, Gaeul and talked about their comeback.


Jonathan asked Leeseo, Rei and Gaeul, “From the Rookie Award to the Grand Award, you received all the awards and got paid so fast like no one else. Where did you spend it?”

Rei replied, “I went to Jeju Island with my family. I paid for everything. I gave my mom my credit card and told her, ‘Pay for everything with this.'”

Gaeul said, “I wanted to buy my parents the massage chair. But my parents said no. They refused, so I haven’t bought it yet.”


Leeseo then made everyone bewildered by saying, “I bought coffee capsules.” Rei and Gaeul asked “The capsules? Not the machine?” and Jonathan laughed. Leeseo caused laughter by adding, “They already have the machine. They only need capsules. I bought… maybe two rows.”


Meanwhile, the “The Kstar Next Door” series is a web entertainment program in which Jonathan interviews local stars who are referred to as various “K-modifiers”.

Source: wikitree

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