Kim Go-eun Went On A US Trip With Best Friend Lee Ji-ah+Explained Why Both Bought 1 Litre Of Whiskey

On February 2nd, a video titled “Ji-ah And Go-eun’s Desperation Due To Jet Lags in Las Vegas. IN Las Vegas EP1” was posted on the YouTube channel of BH Entertainment.

The video showed Lee Ji-ah and Kim Go-eun going on a trip to the U.S. “They have milk and alcohol here. We bought a liter of whiskey each at the duty-free shop,” Kim said upon arriving at the airport. “We bought it because we went on a 10-day trip, so we can drink it during the trip. We didn’t buy it just to drink it in one day. Whisky is expensive. It’s cheap at duty-free shops.”

Upon arriving in Las Vegas, Kim Go-eun and Lee Ji-ah enjoyed free travel, watching Usher’s performance and finding restaurants. “We went on a trip in 2019 because we happened to be in the United States together,” Kim Go-eun said. “I’m such an extreme P (Perceiving in MBTI) that Ji-ah just has to plan thoroughly and I just follow her,” she said.

Source: Xsports News

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