Kim Bum unexpectedly revealed the reason why Lee Dong Wook rarely gets involved in dating rumors after breaking up with Suzy

Lee Dong Wook has been active for 24 years, but he has only been involved in dating rumors a few times.

Lee Dong Wook‘s relationship with “the nation’s first love” Suzy was confirmed but they ended their relationship in 2018. Since then, Lee Dong Wook has rarely been involved in dating rumors, which has piqued the public’s curiosity. However, in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, his close friend and popular actor Kim Bum shed some light on the matter, revealing details about Lee Dong Wook’s love life and daily routine.

Lee Dong-wook

When asked to choose between introducing his younger sister to the character Lee Yeon from the drama “Tale of the Nine Tailed” or the real-life Lee Dong Wook for a date, Kim Bum faced a difficult decision. He opted for the character Lee Yeon instead of his close friend, as Kim Bum believes that dating Lee Dong Wook in real life is quite difficult.

According to Kim Bum, Lee Dong Wook’s schedule is incredibly packed and busy, making it nearly impossible to find a free day to meet him. Kim Bum even admitted, “First of all, actual Dong-Wook is to busy to meet and it’s also difficult fỏ me to meet him

Initially, some viewers might have thought that Kim Bum was exaggerating. However, when reflecting on Lee Dong Wook’s over 20-year journey in the entertainment industry, it becomes apparent that he has been tirelessly working, constantly engaged in filming dramas and participating in reality shows. To date, he has appeared in 27 TV dramas and 8 films, rarely taking long breaks between projects over the past two decades. In 2019 alone, Lee Dong Wook was involved in three TV dramas. Additionally, his packed schedule includes advertising shoots and attending brand events both domestically and internationally.
Despite being active in the entertainment industry for 24 years since his debut in 1999, Lee Dong Wook continues to dedicate himself diligently to his work without taking extended breaks. It’s worth mentioning that due to his wide range of activities in various fields such as film, music, and reality shows, he has developed a big circle of friends and colleagues. Consequently, it’s not difficult for him to meet and get to know talented and beautiful individuals both within and outside of showbiz.

Lee Dong Wook has expressed his desire to naturally meet his destined partner and get married before turning 50. Currently, the actor is 42 years old.

Lee Dong Wook publicly dated Suzy but broke up after a short period of getting to know each other. This is one of the most regrettable couples as their “paths went separate ways” despite receiving strong support from the audience.

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