“Killer Arrested, Accompanied by Famous Singer” Shocking Conspiracies Made Surrounding Park Bo-ram‘s Passing

Park Bo-ram's agency said, "Fake news, strong legal action."

The autopsy of singer Park Bo-ram, who passed away on April 11th, confirmed that no evidence of suitor murder was found. However, fake news about her death was rampant online, leading to her agency and her family members warning of legal action.

Park Bo-ram was found collapsed in the bathroom during a drinking with two other women at an acquaintance’s house in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province, on April 11th. After finding out, her acquaintances called 119 for help and she was rushed to a nearby hospital, but sadly passed away.

park bo ram

As the news of Park Bo-ram’s death spread, speculative conspiracy theories were rampant on YouTube and X (formerly known as Twitter). YouTuber A spread the fake news, saying, “The identity of the famous singer who drank with Park Bo-ram on the day of the accident was revealed,” and “Park Bo-ram’s friends called the emergency line and the singer was arrested.” In addition, a number of other YouTubers pointed to a famous singer as the culprit of Park Bo-ram’s death. However, all of the contents mentioned in the videos were confirmed to be false.

A video clip with the title “Actual video, real cause of Park Bo-ram’s death! Shocking revelation of drinking acquaintances” was posted by YouTuber B, who hinted at Park was murdered. In this video, B claimed, “They were drinking in the same house, did they really not know Park Bo-ram collapsed?”

In the end, Park Bo-ram’s agency hinted at taking legal action against fake news. “Fake news is a clear criminal act that is no different from killing the deceased twice,” it said, adding, “If all speculative videos and posts are not taken down, we will take strong civil and criminal measures.”

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