Kang Hye-won from IZ*ONE and CIX Hyun-suk will appear in “Best Mistake”

According to the news on July 21, Kang Hye-won, a former member of IZ*ONE and Hyun-suk, a member of CIX, will appear in the web drama “When I Fall In Love With The Best”.

Kang Hye-won plays Jin Se-hee, a business major at Hwayang University. Jin Se-hee is a beauty of Hwayang University; a pretty and smart person who everyone desires. Although she is Do Ye-seok’s ex girlfriend, who will be in charge by Won-pil of DAY6, she breaks up with Ye-seok because she is poor. Afterwards, she joined hands with Ji Hyun-ho to regain his pottery shop.

This is the first official move since Hye-won left IZ*ONE. Although she usually interacts with fans through her SNS, this is still her first time acting. That’s the reason why people pays attention to her first role in this movie.

CIX Hyun-suk will be transformed into Kim Dae-young, a business major at Hwayoung University. He is a real friend who went to the army side by side with the same department as Do Ye-seok. Bright, positive and sociable. He is a helper of potter and a person waiting for a dream-like love.

Hyun-suk, who debuted as a member of CIX in 2019, is the youngest member of the team and will try in the acting field for the first time through this drama.

“When You Fall In Love With The Best” is a season 3 in which the production team of “Best Mistake” reunites. First released in 2019, “Best Mistake” was led by Kim Yeon-du (Lee Eun-jae) as a drama about a high-teen romance that happened when he was involved with a group of besties.

In season 3, he moves from high school to college. First time dealing with romance as a freshman, he was categorized as a bully by someone’s prejudice just because they he is not good at studying and had a loud voice. The movie will be released in the second half of this year.

Source: Newsen

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