Kang Ho-dong and Celeb Five won Best Male/Female Entertainers at the Blue Dragon Series Awards

The main awards for the entertainment category at the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards have been revealed. 

On the evening of July 19th, the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards was held at Paradise City, Incheon, Seoul. This is the first award ceremony in Korea for streaming content on Netflix, Disney+, seezn, Apple TV+, Watcha, wavve, Kakao TV, Coupang Play, and TVing. 

In the second part of the award ceremony, awards for entertainers were announced. Accordingly, Kang Ho-dong won Best Male Entertainer for “New Journey to the West Special Spring Camp”. He shared, “This award seems to be more meaningful because it shows encouragement and praise for me to take on new challenges on OTT. I was very nervous when I first encountered an unfamiliar environment called OTT, but I trusted my colleagues and staff and did my best. I will not forget my mission and work harder to become an entertainer who can give greater joy and comfort to the audience. I want to share this award with everyone who is taking on a new challenge at this moment. Thank you.”

Celeb Five (Song Eun-yi, Ahn Young-mi, Shin Bong-sun and Kim Shin-young) was awarded Best Female Entertainer. Kim Shin-young took the stage and said, “We challenged ourselves to create a girl group by gathering comedians to provide some kinds of different fun to the viewers. Thankfully, Netflix gave us an opportunity to do so. Above all, thank you the members”. Ahn Young-mi said, “When I look at the audience, they’re always ready to laugh. We’re also ready to give you so much fun”. Shin Bong-sun added, “There were many prominent nominees. Thank you for giving us this award and I hope we can have another chance to work together”. Lastly, Song Eun-yi said, “The OTT challenge was not easy at all, but I would like to thank Netflix officials for generously watching the whole process with many changes”.

Finally, TVing’s “Transit Love” was announced as the Best Entertainment Program. Producer Lee Jin-joo delivered a long acceptance speech, thanking all the staff, the panelists, and also the viewers. Writer Yeom Mi-ran added, “Season 2 was released last week. You can see it every Friday at 4 p.m on TVing. Please show a lot of love for the program. Thank you so much.”

Source: daum

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