Kang Dong-won: The Only Man Who Can Pull Off This Blouse!

Kang Dong-won attended a recent event and gained attention thanks to his good look!

On the 22nd, actor Kang Dong-won stood out in a Prince blouse with a prominent large ribbon tie as he attended the production announcement event for the movie “The Exorcism Laboratory: Secrets of the Sacred Mirror.” He showcased his unique fashion sense.

Kang Dong won

Although he doesn’t believe in ghosts, fake exorcist ‘Cheonbalsa’ Kang Dong-won, who possesses insight similar to that of a ghost, introduced “The Exorcism Laboratory: Secrets of the Sacred Mirror” by saying, “It has a fresh scenario suitable for the modern era.” He continued, “The exorcism theme is typically seen in horror movies, but this one is cheerful and contemporary. There’s a lot of action, making it refreshing.”

After a long time, Kang Dong-won held a sword once again and mentioned, “I’m not portraying a ‘master of the sword’ in this work.” He said, “There are many divine interventions and clashes, so I acted based on the action I’ve built up until now.”

Source: daum

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