Kahi explained why she suddenly deleted the photo taken with UEE

Kahi, a former member of girl group After School, explained why she deleted the photo taken with UEE.

On February 16th, singer Kahi said through her Instagram Story post, “Come to think of it, I don’t often post pictures of other people on my feed. I was so happy to meet UEE and I thought fans would be happy either. That’s why I posted the photo I took with UEE~!!”

Posting along with a photo, Kahi continued, “After telling fans the news, I put the photo in archive again~!! I’m not sure if we will be able to meet each other again… If we meet again, I will gladly ask for permission and post proof shot it again^^ I will be rooting for her”


The released photo showed Kahi boasting her natural beauty without makeup while wearing comfortable clothes. In addition, Kahi recently drew attention by posting a photo taken with UEE on her SNS.

Meanwhile, Kahi married a businessman in 2016 and has two sons. She appeared on tvN’s entertainment program “Mom Is an Idol”, which recently ended, as a mother idol.

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