The reason why Lee Jung Jae dyed his hair “red” at the end of Squid Game

The viewers have made many speculations about Lee Jung Jae’s ‘red hair’ in Squid Game.

Squid Game is a drama that tells the story of people who risk their life participating in a mysterious survival game to win the prize of 45.6 billion won. It is said that once they decide to play this game, they will be locked in a huge space with no way out.

As Squid Game is gaining explosive popularity in Korea and foreign countries, movie fans have come up with various theories related to the drama and made lots of videos guessing the meaning of the drama’s ending. In particular, many people were curious about the reason why Ki Hoon (Lee Jung Jae) dyed his hair red in the ending part.


In this regard, a Youtuber who often make movie and drama reviews, Minhoaurs, recently uploaded a video on his channel, titled, “Interpretation of Squid Game’s ending (spoilers are included)”

In the video, he mentioned the reason why Ki Hoon dyed his hair red. Minhoaurs talked about the last game scene in which Il Nam (Oh Young Soo) appeared in the last part of the final episode and left Ki Hoon homeless.


The Youtuber explained, “In this game, while Il Nam said the human’s natural personalities are ugly and never change, the main character Ki Hun still believed in other people till the end.”

Il Nam was so sure of his victory. However, a passerby called the police to rescue Il Nam, so Ki Hun won the game. Then, Minhotaurs said, “After winning the game, Ki Hun gained his confidence and his belief in people. Therefore, he changed his hair color.”

The Youtuber gave a further explanation, “You can see that the hair of the person who saved the homeless man in the last battle had his hair dyed and Ki Hun also dyed his hair red. In short, I think the dyed hair can be seen as a belief in the possibilities and the natural personalities of humans.”


In response to the theory claiming dying hair symbolizes human goodness, netizens expressed their sympathy. They commented, “Red color reminds me of a warm heart, so I think that’s why he chose red hair”, “The participants in the game wore green clothes, but the red hair has an opposite meaning”

Source: insight

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