K-Netizens talk about photos of Hyuna having skinship with Hui while she is dating E’Dawn

A post on Pann recently became the talk of the town for having two photos of Hyuna, now E’Dawn’s girlfriend, being close with the other Triple H member Hui.

(The original post has 510 upvotes and 23 downvotes)

Sources: Pann

[+339, -1] E’Dawn and Hyuna must have had to buy Hui beef everyday.
[+329, -1] If she did it to E’Dawn too often it would be too obvious, that’s why she does it to Hui, too.
[+144, -60] Doesn’t Hui look like VIXX’s Ken and E’Dawn looks like Jang Hyun Seung.
[+112, -0] I guess Soojin stepped on a dog’s foot.
[+85, -0] Hui seemed to be struggling, too. He must have known about Hyuna and E’Dawn’s relationship already.
[+77, -1] To make the other one jealous.
[+70, -1] Did she have a fight with E’Dawn? He was walking alone.
[+52, -0] That’s why kkkk she usually had so much skinship with Hui I thought she was dating him.
[+41, -0] I wonder what Triple H will become if the two break up.

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