K-netizens show negative reactions to fromis_9’s live singing during their encore stage

Korean netizens are let down by the encore performance of fromis_9 – the only girl group under HYBE. 

Encore stages at music shows have become opportunities for K-pop idols to show off their singing skills. As for groups that do not have many strong vocalists like TWICE and IVE, they often come under criticism for having their vocal flaws exposed or avoiding high notes on the encore stage. Recently, another girl group has faced a similar situation. After winning 1st place with the song DM on THE SHOW (January 25, 2022), fromis_9 received many negative comments from Korean netizens for their singing skills.

fromis_9’s encore stage of the song DM after winning on THE SHOW (from 3:10)

This is the first time fromis_9 won No. 1 throughout this comeback. It’s not certain if it was because they were too emotional after they were announced to be the winner, but the group had a disappointing encore performance. Even when not dancing, fromis_9 still sang in a low tone, unable to hit the high notes. Some members also sound out of tune and rhythm. According to Korean netizens, this is the worst encore performance they have ever seen.

fromis_9 encore stage
fromis_9 choked while singing the encore, but is this a valid excuse for their poor live singing?

Korean netizens commented:

  • They sang while standing still but still couldn’t hit the high notes.
  • They can’t even sing… Who is the main vocal?
  • I thought Jang Gyuri sang well, but it turns out I was wrong..
  • They really can’t sing.
  • This is the first time in my life I see an idol group that can’t sing like this.
  • I think this is the worst encore stage I’ve ever seen. None of the members sing well.
  •  They can’t sing, I don’t even know who the main vocal is.
  • It’s their own song, why can’t this group sing?
  • Worst encore I’ve ever seen.
  • Is it because this song is too high?
  • This group has nothing but pretty faces.
fromis_9 encore stage
fromis_9 is criticized for being a beautiful group but can’t sing. Many consider it the worst encore they’ve ever watched

fromis_9 is a group formed from the survival show “Idol School” (2017), but the show’s fame was not enough for them to become famous. Moreover, the girls were criticized by many people for their debut lineup as a result of vote manipulation.

In August 2021, fromis_9 moved to Pledis Entertainment – a company under the HYBE group. It wasn’t until then that they won their first trophy after 4 years of debut. The stage at THE SHOW recently was the 2nd time the group won during their career. However, the weak live performance caused fromis_9 to lose points in the eyes of Knet. They will have to work harder if they don’t want to be frequently named in the list of idols with the disaster encore.

MV DM – fromis_9
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