BTS Jungkook’s Anticipation Builds for Inkigayo Comeback: Weight Loss Challenge & 1 Meal a Day

BTS Jungkook is performing on SBS Inkigayo in 2 days.

Jungkook did a Weverse live on July 28 and was shown lying under the covers with his upper body revealed. When a fan asked, “Are you shirtless?” Jungkook replied, “Yeah, I am. I won’t show it. Gotta wrap up tightly,” laughing.

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When Jimin appeared in the chat, Jungkook smiled and said, “Jimin, did you wake up? Good job. Did you sleep well? I’m going to bed now.” Jungkook revealed that he got multiple piercings, “I pierced my ears completely today.”

Jungkook announced that he will be appearing on SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’ on July 30th, where he will perform his solo track ‘Seven.’ He expressed his excitement, “It’s been a while since a music show, and I’m excited to see ARMY.”

Jungkook playfully teased about getting another tattoo on his right arm, where he currently doesn’t have any. He also mentioned that he needs to exercise more, especially in front of ARMYs.

Jungkook said, “I really want Inkigayo to come quickly. I think it’ll be fun, but I’m worried that I’ve lost my touch. Other friends have been doing so well lately. I’m not good with cameras. Honestly, I’m not that confident, but I’ll do my best in this comeback, which is the first in a while.”

Jungkook continued, “I need to lose some weight until Inkigayo. How can I go on Inkigayo with this face? I’m only eating one meal a day as part of my diet.” He ended the live broadcast by saying to ARMYs, “Take care of yourselves and be happy. You are the main character of your own life.”

bts jungkook

On the other hand, on July 14th, Jungkook released his debut solo single ‘Seven.’ ‘Seven’ topped the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, Global 200, and Global (excluding U.S.) charts, proving its immense popularity. The music video for ‘Seven’ ranked first in YouTube’s worldwide popular music video and global music categories after its release.

Jungkook performed ‘Seven’ for the first time at GMA’s ‘2023 Summer Concert Series’ in Central Park, New York, on July 14th (local time). On July 22nd, he appeared on the UK’s live show ‘The One Show’ on BBC and delivered a live performance of ‘Seven.’

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