K-netizens react to NewJeans’ Lollapalooza performance with 12 songs

NewJeans made headlines with their appearance at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago.

On August 4th, NewJeans took the stage at the US music festival Lollapalooza in Chicago. The girl group excited fans by presenting the performance of 12 songs in total, including “Attention”, “Super Shy”, “ETA”, “Hype Boy”, “Cookie”, “Hurt”, “New Jeans”, “OMG”, “Ditto”, “Cool With You”, “Get Up” and “ASAP”. 

Videos and pictures of NewJeans’ performances have since spread widely across online communities, gaining enthusiastic responses from netizens.

Original post: theqoo

Below are are some comments from netizens:

– Music is the basic. NewJeans is the best. They did so well

– I find it amazing to see the audience singing and dancing along to the songs! They already learned them?

– Did they perform live? Ah some of the first songs were sung live and the latter ones were lip-synced, right?

– I can clearly recognize NewJeans’ unique color through the performances!! I wished I could hear more but they did well anyways. Why am I feeling so touchedㅠㅠ

– Wow, they did so well. I only knew “Ditto”, “Attention”, and “Super Shy”, but now I think all NewJeans songs are great

– Minji looks so pretty on the stage. The more I look at Danielle, the more attractive she becomes. But why was Haerin the only member with that makeupㅜㅜ She should tie her hair

– The girls were so good at singing live

– A girl group that just debuted a year ago but already achieved such an amazing career. I’m so proud of them

– The performance was explosiveㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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