FIFTY FIFTY Exposes Attrakt’s Lack Of Care For Members’ Health Conditions

FIFTY FIFTY counterattacked their agency Attrakt with a new disclosure

On October 13th, FIFTY FIFTY released an additional statement that started with “Do we have to be sick longer to receive proper care?”.  

The members complained, “None of us could give up because we understood how desperate each member wanted to sing on the stage and we endured everything even when we were sick and exhausted. We wanted the company to understand our pain. We wanted to be protected, too”. They added, “As we could no longer bear the pain, we called an ambulance alone at midnight and were taken to the hospital without a guardian. We relied on each other and helped each other go back and forth between home and the emergency room”.

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The members claimed that all the songs were created with their blood and sweat. They said, “‘Lovin Me’, ‘Tell Me’, ‘Higher’, and ‘Log-in’ were completed after the recording of a member who fainted on the street and woke up with an oxygen respirator after several seizures due to panic disorder. A member suffered from chronic inflammation but postponed the surgery and endured the pain with relievers until early in the morning to record ‘Cupid’”. The members even attached doctors’ notes of their symptoms.

Saena said she lost up to 39kg and suffered compulsion and hair loss as well as irregular menstruation due to dieting. Sio was diagnosed with panic disorder and social phobia, and the agency’s forced extreme diet resulted in various other health problems.

Aran, who had bladder surgery, revealed that she delayed the operation because she could not arrange her schedule. She confessed, “The company had no consideration for us. Enduring rumors and mental stress, I couldn’t eat and sleep properly so I gained 7kg within a month. I became a scapegoat for rumors without receiving any help.”

Source: Daum

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