Which girl group will get the solo showcase? The winner of “Queendom 2” will be announced in the final episode to be broadcast live

The winner of “Queendom 2” will be revealed on a live broadcast.

The winning team of Mnet’s K-pop global girl group comeback battle “Queendom 2” will be unveiled through the final live competition to be aired on June 2nd.

While Brave Girls made an impressive turnaround by rising to the top spot in the 3rd round after being pushed to the verge of elimination, tomorrow’s broadcast will feature live performances of “Queendom 2” final round. 

Brave Girls

LOONA, who received the result that fell short of expectations in “FANtastic Queendom”, will take on a new challenge for the final competition. Preparing their final performance with an exciting song that can make you dance as soon as you listen to it, shared, “How about challenging what other girl groups haven’t done before?”, stimulating the viewer’s curiosity about their new image.


Aiming for a rebound in rankings, VIVIZ said, “From the beginning of ‘Queendom 2’, we already thought this would be a nice song to compete in the final round”, revealing that they picked a song that almost appeared in an album when they were in their old company. The song selected by VIVIZ is a song reminiscent of a spectacular musical performance, raising high expectations for the kind of stage they will present.


Kep1er always did their best in every competition but received a quite disappointing result of ranking 6th place in the previous round. However, they still showed their great determination for the final round, saying “We should show them a song with Kep1er’s color.” Fans are looking forward to seeing whether Kep1er members, who are preparing a teen crush song that has a hip-hop vibe with strong beat for the last performance, will be able to climb back to a higher rank.


WJSN, who came in 2nd place by a narrow gap in the previous competition, will try to become the winner with a self-composed song by leader Exy. Attention is focused on whether WJSN, which caught the eyes of the public with a performance that perfectly showed their color, will rise from their No.2 rank to win the championship.


Brave Girls, who took 1st place in the 3rd competition, also expressed, “We hope we could win the final round”. They chose a refreshing song that suits their unique, powerful and cool vocals, making fans wonder if the girls’ desperate desire to win the last battle will come true. 

Hyolyn, who shocked everyone by falling to the 4th place despite being a strong candidate, showed her strong will to regain the top spot. Hyolyn is preparing a song that will bring a mysterious atmosphere reminiscent of Arabian Nights, is raising expectations as she cast Lee Young-ji, a famous rapper among Koreans of the MZ Generation, as a guest in her performance. Music fans are nervously waiting to see whether “performance master” Hyolyn will be able to get back her No.1 position.


The team that wins “Queendom 2” and gets the chance to hold a global solo comeback showcase can be found out in the final episode, which will air at 9:20 p.m tomorrow (June 2nd). “Queendom 2” final episode will be broadcast live on Mnet as well as Mnet JAPAN and Abema TV in Japan. Fans in other countries and regions can watch the live broadcast through the Youtube channel “Mnet K-POP”. 

Source: Daum

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