aespa Karina shows unrealistic jawline… A tiny waist that can be hugged with one arm 

aespa member Karina (real name Yoo Ji-min, 22) impressed fans with her CG-level visuals.

On October 12th, several photos of Karina were posted on the official SNS account of aespa. In the photo, Karina caught eyes all at once with her appearance of a trending artist.

In a photo, Karina can be seen showing off her superior legs in a sleeveless top and mini skirt. Her tiny face was highlighted with a neat ponytail. 

Karina’s sharp jawline and gorgeous facial features surprise people. In particular, the female idol boasted unrealistic proportions, a narrow waist to long legs.

Meanwhile, aespa attended Givenchy’s 2023 S/S show in Paris, France on October 2nd (local time). The girl group was selected as Givenchy’s brand ambassador in February, the first Kpop artist to hold such a title for this brand. 

Source: Nate

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