BTS and Wanna One are criticized by netizens as the groups’ songs dominate the online music chart

Even when the whole world appreciates BTS and Wanna One, Korean netizens can’t stop bashing these two groups.

No doubt, BTS and Wanna One are two of the leading groups that can be representative for Kpop at present. Both groups have obtained great successes and have been popular not only in Korea but as well as in countries all over the world.
BTS comes from Bighit, a company that was not very popular but thanks to this company, BTS’s achievements have spread worldwide. Lately, making a comeback with the song “Fake Love”, BTS set tons of records as a representative for Korean music. Performing at AMAs, and then making Billboard Music Awards become their comeback stage, BTS has achieved success that no other kpop group has yet been able to.
BTS is famous and successful not only in Korea but also in the strict US market.

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Wanna One is also loved by countless Asian fans

Wanna One is also a “superb” group. Although this is just a project group, which was established after the survival show “Produce 101”, the group is incredibly popular and well-known, and the members of Wanna One have become some of the top celebrities in Asia. Returning to Kpop stages with the song “Light”, which was released a few days ago, Wanna One showed their power as “Light” swept through many digital charts. Moreover, the “Light” MV reached 200.000 views after only a few minutes of its release, indicating the enormous international popularity of the group.
One of the evidences proving the immense popularity of BTS and Wanna One is their records on Melon chart. Accounting for 60% market share of online music market in Korea, Melon is truly a digital
“boss” that all the artists want to conquer. Melon chart is also the basis for the score systems of many weekly music shows. And if you keep an eye on Melon chart these days, surely, you can’t help feeling surprised at the ranks of this chart, in which BTS and Wanna One completely dominate from 1st rank to 23rd rank.
To be specific, the competition for the top position between BTS’s “Fake Love” and Wanna One’s “Light” is still neck by neck. Following the two title songs, songs from the albums of two groups occupied more than 20 positions below. Usually, a top group is considered successful if 2 – 3 songs of the group can reach the top 10. So, with their ranks on Melon chart, we can see how popular BTS and Wanna One are.
It is noteworthy that despite the massive popularity of the two groups, a lot of anti-fans are willing to harshly criticize Wanna One and BTS regarding their achievements. These are the negative comments that the netizens give to two of the top groups in Kbiz:

1. [+300, -168] It’s really annoying to look at. Only the fans are proud.
2. [+213, -88] It’s not like the public listens to them. The fans’ streaming drives me crazy. Yet they’re expecting us to filter them out, are they kidding?
3. [+98, -79] If EXO also had a comeback, it’d be no joke ㅋㅋ
4. [+60, -12] That’s being a nuisance, not something to be proud of ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
5. [+50, -20] Are you happy? Their songs aren’t even good. Is dominating the chart with mediocre songs something to be proud of? ㅋㅋ People don’t even value digital ranks anymore because it’s all about fandom power, tsk tsk. I don’t want to listen to idol songs that sound the same.
6. [+41, -10] To those who call the Melon chart a mess – it’s not the fans that ruined it, it’s the listeners of Nilo and Jang Duk Chul that ruined it ㅋㅋ
7. [+26,  -3] I really don’t understand this. People make a playlist of songs that they want to listen to. So why does the real-time chart matter? Even if you’re playing the real-time chart, you can just filter out the songs ㅋㅋ
8. [+23, -2] I can’t complain the fans’ streaming because they pay money fairly to do it but how come no one’s criticizing the listeners of Nilo?
Sources: tinnhac, kpkf
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