K-netizens comment on “Han So-hee’s nose”

A netizen posted “before and after” photos of Han So-hee’s nose and said “Han So-hee’s nose is really fascinating without silicone”

The Pann article regarding this became a hot topic with over 152,000 views as of the morning of Dec 8th. Below are some comments from Korean netizens.

Original post: Pann

– Han So-hee’s nose was originally high. If you write such a nasty comment, does your self-esteem go up even a little?

– Just looking at it, it seems like a natural nose. What’s the point of talking about silicone?

– When I first saw Han So-hee, I felt a bit disappointed with her nose~ Seems like she felt it too

– What does it matter? Even before, she was pretty. Is there any meaning in discussing such things?

– Even if she had nose surgery, she was pretty before and still is now

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