JYP revealed final member of new boygroup Xdinary Heroes

JYP Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as JYP) unveiled Gunil, the last member of its rookie group “Xdinary Heroes.”

On October 25, JYP released a teaser titled “Coming Up Next” on its official SNS channel and announced a new debut project. Following the official announcement of JYP’s rookie group name Xdinary Heroes through the teaser video that have the concept of hero movies, the new teaser series “Origin of Xdinary Heroes” has been released every day to introduce the new boy group’s members for the first time. On November 20th, the video of Gunil, the last member to complete the group’s final lineup, was released.

Gunil, the 6th member to be introduced after the members Jooyeon, O.de, Gaon, Jun Han and Jungsu, appeared in the video wearing round glasses and a large backpack. He sits in a corner of the study room and takes out his “Basic Drum” book. Just in time, the small noise around him becomes a cheerful beat, and Gun-il starts playing the drums in his imagination with ballpoint pens in both hands. However, Gunil makes noise that breaks the silence in the room. As soon as he was about to leave the library, a mysterious “♭form” poster catches his attention.

The “Origin of Xdinary Heroes” series, which is uploaded at 0:06 a.m. every day, heats up the online community with the images of Xdinary Heroes members. Gunil, the final member revealed today, also turned common daily noise into a drum beat that rings the heart of the fans, leaving hints about his characteristics and potential. In particular, while the “♭form” (platform), which also appeared in the previous video, adds to fans’ curiosity again, people are paying attention to what story the six members with their own speciality will develop by encountering the unknown “♭form (platform).

JYP’s newly introduced rookie group Xdinary Heroes spreads messages such as “WE ARE ALL HEROES,” just like how the group’s name was created by shortening the phrase “Extraordinary Heroes.” Xdinary Heroes, whose lineup is finally complete with Gunil’s teaser, is expected to be heavily armed with unique talents and introduce new kinds of music to K-pop fans.

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