Actor Kang Eun Il, controversy over sexual harassment in bar’s bathroom…CCTV captured something interesting

Ph.D Hwang appeared on tvN STORY’s “No Way I’m an Adult”, which aired on Feb 14th.

Ph.D Hwang revealed, “In 2019, a middle-aged man came and told me that his nephew was falsely accused of sexual harassment and was imprisoned for 6 months. The person involved in this case was actor Kang Eun Il.”

Kang Eun-il

According to Ph.D Hwang’s explanation, Kang Eun Il was reported to have committed sexual harassment in the bathroom while drinking with a total of 4 people, including 2 women. Kang Eun Il claimed, “I went into the bathroom first. Then a woman hugged me and harassed me, saying, ‘Is your house doing well? I finished recording.'”

Ph.D Hwang confessed, “The only evidence was CCTV in the store, but the inside of the bathroom can’t be seen. However, CCTV captured something interesting. Had it not been for the vent underneath, he would have been convicted. The vent saved Kang Eun Il’s life.”

Kang Eun-il

Ph.D Hwang explained, “The bathroom of the bar was divided into male and female toilets, and there was a sink in between. The opening of the door can be identified by the vent. If Kang Eun Il entered the female toilet as the woman claimed, his feet should have been visible through the vent, but there was nothing. In addition, the bathroom is too small to open the door when a person enters. The statement was wrong. These evidences became very strong evidence.”

Despite this injustice, Kang Eun Il was sentenced to 6 months in the first trial and was acquitted in the second trial only after serving a five-month sentence. After Kang Eun Il was expelled from the agency due to the incident, several works were canceled and he had to suffer from depression. Now he is working as a musical actor again.

Source: wikitree

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