G-Dragon, who was cleared of “drug” charges, releases recording studio photos “Hint at solo comeback”

On Jan 18th, G-Dragon shared several photos depicting his recent situation.

The photos show G-Dragon preparing for his solo album in the recording studio. His back view, as if he is seriously preparing something in the studio, captures attention.


G-Dragon has mentioned his preparations for a new album since last year. In March last year, he stated, “I wanted to share that I’m preparing for an exciting project in various aspects. I have several works in preparation. I’m working on them step by step.”

Last year, he was entangled in suspicions of drug use, which originated from an entertainment venue in Gangnam. G-Dragon later expressed his frustration and voluntarily attended the police investigation. After the investigation, the police closed the case with no charges.

Recently, G-Dragon left YG Entertainment and signed an exclusive contract with Galaxy Corporation. After the closure of the drug allegations, he established the JUSPEACE Foundation for anti-drug activities and support for the socially weak and artists, donating 300 million won.

Galaxy Corporation expressed expectations for unconventional activities, “Beyond the agency-artist relationship with G-Dragon, we will challenge things that have never happened before and strive to fill each other. We will also show many aspects of G-Dragon that have not been seen before, and we will go on a path that others have not taken.”

Source: Daum

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