Kpop idols that were mistreated by broadcasting stations due to long-term feuds (ft. BLACKPINK, BTS) 

Some broadcasting stations went too far in their feud against certain Kpop idols.

Most often, Korean broadcasting stations and Kpop idols maintain a mutually beneficial relationship, where the broadcasting station allows the idol to garner fame via their music and variety shows, and the idols help raise ratings and viewership. However, in some rare scenarios, broadcasting stations do mean tricks just because Kpop idols do not heed to their demands. 

Kpop idol groups that have feuds with certain broadcasting stations.

Recently, MBC got into trouble for using 2 BTS members as cameo in their drama in the worst way possible. In particular, in the newest episode of K-drama “Tomorrow”, V’s real name “Kim Tae Hyung” and birth date “December 30th” were shown in a list of dead people, with only the birth year changed. In addition, Jung Kook’s full birthday of “September 1st, 1997” was also listed next to another name on this death list. 

2 BTS members were listed in a drama’s death list

In response to this extremely offensive move, ARMYs (fandom of BTS) heavily criticized MBC for using BTS for clout and requested an apology. Heeding to their demands, MBC released an official statement on the circumstance, where the broadcasting station said that the name and births “were compiled randomly without any malicious intents”, making this a pure coincidence. 

BTS did not attend MBC’s year end show.

However, this was not the first time MBC tried to mess with BTS. Previously in 2019, the broadcasting station started to turn its back towards the boy group, after BTS decided to not attend MBC Gayo Daejun due to overseas schedules. As a result, TXT and GFRIEND, who were also under HYBE Labels, were also kicked from the show without any proper reason. 

So TXT’s appearance got canceled.
GFriend Source Music
And GFRIEND also suffered the same fate.

On top of that, BTS also stopped promoting on the MBC music show “Music Core”. And the broadcasting station still did not stop there, as in 2020, they edited BTS’s faces to illustrate a news report about crimes. 

BTS used to perform normally on Music Core.

On the other hand, BLACKPINK has a notoriously bad relationship with Mnet, due to YG having beef with this broadcasting station. This feud was shown clearly at the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards, where BLACKPINK’s photo was painted red when the screen displayed a nomination for the year’s Best Female Group. In Korean traditions, human faces painted in red usually mean bad omens, so BLINKs (fandom of BLACKPINK) started to demand apologies from Mnet, only to receive complete silence. 

BLACKPINK’s faces were painted red at the 2017 MAMA.
The original photo used by Mnet.

Therefore, in 2019, BLACKPINK decided to pay back the broadcasting station by hosting the concert right on the date of MAMA, stealing their thunder. As a result, the Mnet event of that year attracted way less attention and hype than normal, despite having BTS, TWICE, TXT, ITZY, and other big names on the guestlist. 

BLACKPINK held their concert on the same day as MAMA.
The group also did not send any thank you videos despite winning big prizes at MAMA.

The biggest feud of all though, has to be that between Mnet at BIGBANG. G-Dragon even publicly dissed the broadcasting station right on their own stage, rapping sarcastically: ”It’s been a year, MAMA. Because you set such a large table. You hand it out generously so your children don’t fight. I’m all grown up now so I get full from even watching, just feed the younger ones”. Of course, BIGBANG went completely missing from the stage of MAMA this year onwards.

G-Dragon slammed MAMA hard with his rap lyrics.
It was as if the idol was challenging Mnet for their fixed awards.

While Kpop idols will undoubtedly receive disadvantages from their feuds with broadcasting stations, some fans believe that compared to enduring bad treatment, they’d prefer their idols calling it quit altogether. 

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