Jung Woo Sung’s “power trip” exposed by rookie director and veteran actor, the truth is?

Jung Woo Sung’s directorial debut film “A Man of Reason” is set to premiere this August.

Last year, Lee Jung Jae made his debut as a movie director through “Hunt”. Apart from the role of a director, he also led the movie together with his best friend Jung Woo Sung and gained significant attention.

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Ahead of the movie’s release, the two attended the Cannes Film Festival. When asked, “What do you think about Lee Jung Jae as a director?”, Jung Woo Sung replied, “I feel burdened”. However, he quickly changed the answer and made “power trip” remarks towards Lee Jung Jae, saying “I’m the lead actor. He’s a rookie director who filmed a movie with such a great actor!”.

Jung Woo Sung jokingly said, “I really stepped on his shadow. I’m sorry!”, making Lee Jung Jae laugh hard. In August this year, more than a year later, the movie “A Man of Reason” that Jung Woo Sung directed and acted in, is scheduled to premiere. 

jung woo sung

Starring Kim Jun Han, Park Yu Na, Lee Elijah, etc., “A Man of Reason” is a noir action film centering around Soo Hyuk (Jung Woo Sung), who wants to live an ordinary life after getting released from prison after 10 years and discovering the existence of his daughter, and people who target him. 

Moreover, Kim Nam Gil and Park Sung Woong, who made special appearances in “Hunt” last year as NIS agents, will appear in “A Man of Reason”. The two portray Woo Jin, a contract killer who tries to harm Soo Hyuk, and Eung Guk, the new boss of the organization.

What do others think about top star Jung Woo Sung, who previously “abused his power” over rookie director Lee Jung Jae? At the production briefing held on July 24th, Park Sung Woong drew laughter when complained of being a victim of Jung Woo Sung’s power trip, “I could really feel a master-servant relationship.”

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According to Park Sung Woong, Jung Woo Sung would tell him things like, “Don’t do this or that”,  but when they reached the final take, Jung Woo Sung would say, “Do whatever you want”.  

Park Sung Woong jokingly protested, “He won’t use that take anyway”. However, the actor later praised Jung Woo Sung as a meticulous director, mentioning his helpful guidance, especially necessary details to portray the character Eung Guk.

jung woo sung

Jung Woo Sung has been practicing making videos since the early 2000s, starting with g.o.d’s MV to commercials or short films. As such, many people are looking forward to watching “A Man of Reason”, which will premiere on August 15th. Attention is high on whether Jung Woo Sung will receive good reviews as a director like his best friend Lee Jung Jae.

Source: Daum

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