Jung Gi-go Reveals Old Stories When Soyou Broke The Soju Glass & Explains Their Past Dating Rumors

Singer Jung Gi-go showed his extraordinary chemistry with Soyou

At 5 p.m. on December 12th, Soyou’s YouTube channel “SOYOUGI” uploaded a new video titled “SOYOU & Jung Gi-go, A Story Revealed After Nine Years?!”.

In the video, Jung Gi-go spent time sharing various stories, including anecdotes during “Some” promotion, clarifying rumors of a romantic relationship with Soyou and introducing his new song “her”.

Jung Gi-go said, “It’s been two years since we last met each other. I don’t know, we were keeping in touch anyways”, showing his close friendship with Soyou.

As the two recalled past memories, Soyou said, “Jung Gi-go almost crawled on the way back home when he first drank with me. He vomited in the car”. Jung Gi-go also shared, “When we were in Busan”, adding “It was the day of the company dinner. Soyou said she would make soju with beer, and you know, how you hit the glass with the chopstick. She just hit the glass and it was broken. To be honest, since then, I got better at treating you”.

Apart from the release of his new song “her”, Jung Gi-go revealed that he has been losing weight. The male singer said, “During ‘Some’ promotion, I lost 17kg within 35 days”.

Soyou and Jung Gi-go also explained their dating rumors back then. Soyou said, “When shooting, each camera was rolling behind each of us. When the camera was on me, he was making a funny face”. 

Jung Gi-go continued, “Then Soyou was bursting out laughing, and when she laughed, I was also bursting out laughing. That’s why people thought we were dating”, adding “I also heard about our breakup rumors!”, confirming that it was a misunderstanding because they were so close.

Source: Daum

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