Jo Young Nam makes evaluation remarks about his ex-wife Youn Yuh Jung, “She’s very smart”

On July 31st, tvN STORY’s “The Village President’s People” uploaded a pre-release video titled “Youn Yuh Jung, she’s not only smart but also skillful”.

The video shows Jo Young Nam talking about Youn Yuh Jung while having a conversation with actress Kim Soo Mi.

ex-wife Youn Yuh Jung

Jo Young Nam shared, “Getting kicked out of the house by Yuh Jung made me become a painter, and Yuh Jung made her living and became a world-class actress after kicking me out.”

Hearing that, Kim Soo Mi helped his words, saying “You don’t need to focus too much on making a living when living together with someone. That’s what happens when you live alone”.

Jo Young Nam continued, “She worked and went around the world to earn money to support her children”. 

youn yuh jung

Kim Soo Mi added, “She (Youn Yuh Jung) is two years older than me, and there’s a lot I can learn from her. I don’t act exactly like the script and I tend to make ad-libs, but she digs into the details of the lines thousands of times.”

Jo Young Nam then reacted, “She’s very smart. People who can cook well are normally smart, but she’s a cooking genius. She’s also good at sewing. She even made me a shirt and a suit. I should have worn it to this show, but I couldn’t.”

Kim Soo Mi suddenly tried to stop Jo Young Nam, saying “Don’t talk too much about her on broadcasts”. Jo Young Nam also changed the topic after saying, “I think that’s enough”.

It’s been more than 30 years since Jo Young Nam and Youn Yuh Jung divorced. Despite that, Jo Young Nam has mentioned Youn Yuh Jung on various broadcasts and received criticism.

During an interview with News1 after Youn Yuh Jung won Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Award, the actress said, “Isn’t it the best and coolest revenge on men who play with women’s hearts? As a person who has been cheated on before, I think I should be more careful in the future”.

Source: Wikitree

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