Jisoo (BLACKPINK) made a surprise visit to Jung Hae In and did something she had always protested in memory of her lost co-star

Fans were touched by Jisoo (BLACKPINK)’s friendship with the “Snowdrop” cast.

Since “Snowdrop” was proved “innocent” in the historical misrepresentation scandal, the crew members have continuously openly interacted with each other on social platforms, showing their close relationship even though the drama‘s recording has finished for a long time. Recently, Jisoo and her co-stars even visited Jung Hae In with a coffee truck at the new film set.  

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) visit Jung Hae In
Jung Hae In beside the coffee truck that “Snowdrop” co-stars sent to him
Jisoo (BLACKPINK) visit Jung Hae In
The “Snowdrop” beauties even came to the set to visit him (Jisoo is in the rightmost)
Jisoo (BLACKPINK) visit Jung Hae In
Jisoo even took pictures for Jung Hae In herself.

Particularly, this visit originated from the idea of ​​Kim Mi Soo, the “Snowdrop” actress who passed away not long ago. In addition, Jisoo also posted a story, sharing about the special pants she wore on her “date” with the “Snowdrop” cast, which was also one of the crazy ideas of the late actress Kim Mi Soo. Apparently, Jisoo and the “Snowdrop” cast are carrying out the unfinished plans of their ill-fated co-star.  

Jisoo’s message to Kim Mi Soo:

 “The mission of wearing colorful pants cheering that Mi Soo unnie had been waiting for has been completed! She is the sister who always made everyone laugh with her quirky ideas.

My older sister always brings smiles and common ideas to everyone.  I’m totally against these pants, but in the end you made us all do it.

You are truly a wonderful person!

I love you. I hope you’re smiling too.” 

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) visit Jung Hae In
Jisoo’s message to Kim Mi Soo

This action of the “Snowdrop” cast, in particular Jisoo’s, made the audience extremely touched. These young people seem to have become a true family.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) visit Jung Hae In

Some comments of netizens:

  • Jisoo isn’t afraid of being criticized to directly show her love to her co-stars, which not all female idols dare to do. I love this girl.
  • Mi Soo would be very happy to know that her plans are gradually realized.
  • “Snowdrop” is a really warm family.  The “Snowdrop” cast and audience will always remember Kim Mi Soo unnie, love you.
  • I’m going to cry, I hope Mi Soo unnie will always keep her bright smile.
  • Snowdrop’s family is really warm.  

“Snowdrop” airs on jTBC every Saturday and Sunday.

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