Mina Confesses Sexual Harassment Damage From Performing In Military, “They Touched My Chest”

Singer Mina complained of suffering sexual harassment when performing in the military 

The December 5th broadcast of E Channel & Channel S’s “Playing Sisters” featured Space A Kim Hyun-jung, Mina, and Hong Young-joo as guests.

Mina, who made her face known to the public as “World Cup goddess” and became a representative sexy singer starting with “Answer The Phone”, confessed that she suffered shocking sexual harassment during the time she performed in the military.

She shared, “I suddenly gained popularity through the World Cup, so I also had many antifans at that time. However, I enjoyed performing in the military. There was an event in which the first few people in line were offered drinks so dozens of people rushed onto the stage and formed a circle. I remember that someone behind me touched my chest and rubbed it.”

Mina added, “From the military police to the military manager, they all ran to the stage. I was so young back then so I asked them to stop and didn’t go to the guardhouse. However, the crime worsened. It was no longer the act of an individual, but they planned it all together.”

Hearing that, Lee Ji-hye agreed, saying “Female singers need to showcase their sexy look so they often suffer such unpleasant experiences. When I go to events, people would try to hold and touch me.”

Source: Daum

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