Jin Ji-hee’s Car Cinema Adventure: From Carcnic to Movie Night

In ‘I Live Alone,’ Jin Ji-hee ventures into the solo car cinema experience

Jin Ji-hee, a cast member of ‘I Live Alone,’ makes her debut at the solo car cinema. She plans to challenge herself to watch a movie alone, complete with a ‘cinema snack set’ consisting of squid, dried fish, and popcorn. Her everyday life, pursuing the dream of watching a movie alone at the car cinema, will be revealed on the MBC entertainment program ‘I Live Alone,’ airing at 11:10 PM on the 6th.

Jin Ji-hee, who enjoyed a ‘carcnic’ (car + picnic) in the rain, spends her time healing through reading and diary organization. Reading a book to take care of her own feelings, and recording her day in her diary while spending entirely alone-time, Jin Ji-hee’s appearance brings healing to the viewers at home.

She calls her mom and shares her day, saying, “I miss you more when I come here,” and also praises the positive effects of independence, saying, “Conversations with my parents have increased since I moved out,” and “I feel closer to my parents after becoming independent.”

Jin Ji Hee

After a perfect carcnic, Jin Ji-hee arrives at the car cinema through the darkness. She exclaims, “I have to pull out the rental car buzz,” as she challenges herself to watch a movie alone at the car cinema that she has dreamed of for a long time. Jin Ji-hee, who has come to a car cinema for the first time, can’t hide her excitement even as she sets up with the help of the staff.

Then, Jin Ji-hee personally prepares the ‘cinema snack set,’ which includes essential movie-watching items such as squid, dried fish, and popcorn. She even searches for the best way to grill the purchased squid and dried fish at the self-barbecue area, displaying her determination as she skillfully grills them as if completing a quest.”

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