Jin Ji-hee Talks About Chemistry With Sung Hoon Despite 16-Year Age Gap, “I Accepted It And Immersed In Acting”

Actress Jin Ji-hee expressed her feelings about working with other “Perfect Marriage Revenge” actors

Jin Ji-hee plays Han Yu-ra, the youngest daughter of Hanul Financial Group, in MBN’s recently ended weekend miniseries “Perfect Marriage Revenge”, which is about the romance between Han Yi-joo (Jung Yu-min), a woman who decides to get married under a contract to get revenge on her husband and his family, and Seo Do-guk (Sung Hoon), a man who postpones his contract marriage to make Yi-joo his wife. 

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Han Yu-ra is Han Yi-joo’s younger sister and a character who must win anything she wants by all means.

Celebrating her 20th debut anniversary, Jin Ji-hee began acting as an adult actress through “Perfect Marriage Revenge” and successfully showcased her mature charm. She shared, “I’m proud that I’ve spent 20 years doing one job. I guess I’ve been able to continue acting for 20 years thanks to the great support of people around me”.

Regarding her experience of working with other actors, such as Sung Hoon, Jung Yu-min, and Oh Seung-yoon, Jin Ji-hee smiled and shared, “They are very kind and playful. The disadvantage of this drama is that the brothers are so tall. Whenever I met Sung Hoon, he would tease me by asking ‘Where has Yu-ra gone?’”.

jin ji hee

In the drama, Han Yu-ra has a crush on Seo Do-guk. When asked about her chemistry with Sung Hoon, who is 16 years older than her, the actress confessed, “Since we have a large age gap, I just accepted it and immersed in the character. But I think Sung Hoon looks very young. I didn’t know that he’s older than me. We’re like friends when talking to each other. He opened his heart to me so I felt very comfortable while acting with him”.

As for Jung Yu-min, Jin Ji-hee said, “She’s very easy-going and nice. She said, ‘How can I take revenge when Ji-hee is this nice?’. Despite that, the eyes of senior Lee Min-young and Jung Yu-min unnie changed as soon as the director said ‘Action’. As expected, they were very professional”. 

The actress then expressed special affection for Lee Min-young, who appeared as her mother in the drama, Jin Ji-hee said, “I call her ‘angel’ because she’s so soft and nice. But she immediately changed to strong expressions when entering the shoot. I actually consider a sister rather than a mother”. She also thanked senior actor Jeon No-min, who acted as her father in the drama, for his acting advice and feedback.

Source: Naver

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