Kara Kang Ji Young X Heo Young Ji “We were able to be more affectionate because we met now”

The youngest members of girl group Kara, Kang Ji Young and Heo Young Ji revealed their affection for each other. Their deadly chemistry stood out.

Kang Ji Young and Heo Young Ji recently carried out a photo shoot. They perfectly digested the mysterious yet fascinating concept, boasting gorgeous visuals and extreme chemistry. They showed special care for each other, and thanks to this, there was a warm atmosphere throughout the photo shoot.

Kang Ji-young Heo Young-ji

An interview was also conducted. Kara released their 15th debut anniversary album “MOVE AGAIN” last year. Heo Young Ji expressed her affection for the members, “This promotion is meaningful itself, but I think getting to know Ji Young and Nicole is the greatest blessing.” Kang Ji Young expressed her feelings about comeback activities, “Personally, it was my first stage in 10 years. I had anxiety like ‘Will this be possible?’, but it was possible thanks to the members.

Although it was the first time they worked together, they have now become more precious friends than anyone else. Heo Young Ji said, “I’d been keeping in mind the things that were difficult to tell older sisters, but I asked Ji Young, a friend of the same age, and we had a lot in common. Thanks to that, we’ve become friends that can rely on each other.” Kang Ji Young showed off the unique combination “Ji Young Ji”, “After schedule, we often take pictures of what we’re doing at home and send them to each other. Young Ji once said, ‘I’m watching this on TV right now.’ I was watching the same thing. This kind of moment was not once or twice.

Kang Ji-young

Meanwhile, when asked about the fans waiting for the unit “Ji Young Ji”, Kang Ji Young raised expectations, “I think it’d be nice to do something cool with Young Ji.” Heo Young Ji caused laughter as she shared, “I’ve imagined everything. I drew the moment when our song is released and we promote it together.

Finally, regarding each other’s existence, Kang Ji Young and Heo Young Ji showed deep affection, “Young Ji is the friend I got to know in the shortest time. She’s such a precious person. We’re friends who can share everything without any secrets“, “I think we were able to be more affectionate because we met now. In the end, we would have met somehow.

Source: Daum

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