2NE1 Park Bom looked so nervous on the Coachella stage, the leader CL immediately did this for her

Netizens praise CL’s great action.

2NE1 just had a surprise reunion on the stage of the biggest music festival on the planet – Coachella 2022. To get this performance, leader CL negotiated with the organizers so that the remaining 3 members could join her and performed the song “I Am The Best”.

Not let fans down, although a long time has passed, the fire of enthusiasm of all 4 girls seems to never go out. They delivered an extremely explosive performance. Compared to the other 3 members, Park Bom was the one who had many health problems, so during the performance, many times, netizens caught the moment when the female idol looked worried and nervous.

2NE1 Coachella

As the leader, CL quickly realized her teammate’s problems and she immediately shouted at Bom to lift her spirits. Maybe that’s why Bom had a better performance at the end. CL is indeed 2NE1‘s “golden leader”!

CL lifts up Bom’s spirit
2NE1 Coachella
CL is always with her teammates
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