Ji Sung Takes Aim for His Second SBS Grand Prize with the Lead Role in ‘Connection’

Actor Ji Sung is once again aiming for the SBS SBS Drama Awards.

According to a Star News exclusive report on the 12th, Ji Sung has been confirmed to be cast in SBS’s upcoming drama ‘Connection’ (working title).

‘Connection’ is a crime investigation thriller that unfolds the distorted friendship of friends as they track the death of a high school friend who left behind 5 billion won in life insurance money. It will be directed by SBS’s Kim Moon-kyu, the director of ‘Trolley,’ and written by JTBC’s Lee Hyun.

Ji Sung will play the role of Chief Inspector Jang Jae-kyung, a member of the narcotics team in the metropolitan investigative unit known for his calm and meticulous personality. Jang Jae-kyung is a character who receives over 5 billion won in death insurance money when his high school friend chooses death.

Previously, Ji Sung won the Grand Prize at the SBS Drama Awards in the same year he starred in SBS’s ‘Innocent Defendant,’ which concluded in March 2017. Returning to SBS two years later with ‘Doctor John,’ Ji Sung proved his outstanding acting ability by achieving a remarkable viewer rating of 12.3%.

Choosing an SBS drama as his next project after four years, Ji Sung is challenging for his second prestigious Grand Prize. Known as a trusted and versatile actor who has mastered various genres, viewers are eager to see what new performance he will deliver in ‘Connection.’

‘Connection’ is currently in preparation with the goal of airing in the first half of next year.

Source: Naver

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