Fans Disappointed as ZEROBASEONE Only Did a 2-Minute Live to Allegedly Attend MAMA After Party  

ZEROBASEONE is accused of prioritizing an afterparty over appreciation for fans after winning MAMA’s Best New Artist

At the 2023 MAMA Awards on November 30, rookie boy group ZEROBASEONE took home the Best New Artist (Male) Award. Expressing gratitude during their acceptance speech, the group acknowledged their fandom, ZEROSEs.

However, post the awards ceremony, ZEROBASEONE found themselves trending on Twitter for an unwarranted controversy. 

Accordingly, ZEROBASEONE spent only a mere two minutes on a live stream to talk with fans before leaving. Some netizens accused the group of leaving fans to attend a MAMA afterparty.

Some Tweets from angry fans on X read: 

They seemingly rushed to finish the live for an afterparty. I’m convinced the party meant more to them than expressing gratitude to fans for their award.”

ZEROBASEONE won the rookie award thanks to the fans but did a live afterwards in just 2 minutes? This is such a turn-off.”

On the other hand, some fans stood up for ZEROBASEONE, arguing that the members themselves had no say in ending the live broadcast to attend an afterparty. ZEROBASEONE is a group formed by Mnet, so it only makes sense that they had to go to the after party. It was most likely the staff who asked them to wrap up the live. 


A fan defended ZEROBASEONE, saying: 

Why are you bashing our kids? They are rookies who just debuted. How could they not go? Mnet made this group, so of course, they would attend. And calling it a party is kind of a stretch; isn’t it more like a company dinner?

The criticism should be directed at CJ and Mnet for organizing the afterparty. It’s not like ZEROBASEONE members can say no.

Nevertheless, other fans felt that regardless of the afterparty situation, a 2-minute live broadcast after winning a big rookie award was disappointing anyway.

Source: koreaboo

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