Ji Hyun-woo’s Remark About Real Love And Drama Romance Reminds Netizens Of His Ex-lover Yoo In-na

Actress Yoo In-na was suddenly summoned by netizens after the remarks of her ex-boyfriend Ji Hyun-woo in a recent video

On April 15th, the YouTube channel “Zzanbro” uploaded a new content video featuring the guest appearance of Ji Hyun-woo and Lim Soo-hyang, who play the leading roles in “Beauty and Mr. Romantic”.

That day, the two met Shin Dong-yeop and talked about various things, including kissing scenes in dramas. 

Ji Hyun-woo

Shin Dong-yeop asked about how actors work on romantic scenes, saying “I heard many actors actually develop feelings for each other while working together”. Lim Soo-hyang replied, “When we have to film a love triangle, I do get jealous when my costar is close to the other girl”.

Ji Hyun-woo also shared, “When I was younger, I simply thought I would just date someone if I have feelings for them. But now I can distinguish between ‘my real emotions’ and ‘falling in love due to immersion in the drama’”, adding “If I still want to meet that person after the work ends, that means I like that person for real. That’s why I think I need to wait until I complete the work to judge it”.

Ji Hyun-woo’s answer reminded many people of his ex-lover Yoo In-na.

Ji Hyun-woo

Earlier in 2012, Ji Hyun-woo and Yoo In-na developed into lovers after starring in tvN’s drama “Queen and I” together. 

Back then, Ji Hyun-woo suddenly confessed to Yoo In-na at the fanmeeting to commemorate the end of the drama, saying “Do you know that I love you?”. Embarrassed by the sudden confession, Yoo In-na tried to control the situation by saying, “I think we should talk about it when this fanmeeting is over”.

While in a relationship, Ji Hyun-woo enlisted in August of the same year. In May 2014, Ji Hyun-woo avoided questions about Yoo In-na when he got discharged from the military and later admitted that they had already broken up.

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