Official profile of BIGBANG’s TOP changed: The duo GD&TOP is only holding onto GD now 

After TOP’s contract with YG ended in February, his official profile has changed.

If you search for TOP on Korean portal sites, only BIGBANG shows up under “Groups that he belongs to”.  Until recently, GD&TOP was still listed there, but has now disappeared. Meanwhile, if you search for G-Dragon, BIGBANG, GD&TOP, and GD x TAEYANG can still be seen in his profile. 

Still Life
7. G-Dragon

This is interpreted by some netizens that TOP has erased everything except BIGBANG, and chances of him continuing to promote with the group in the future are low. He will most possibly carry out future activities as Choi Seung Hyun, without BIGBANG written in front of his name. 

g-dragon top profile

TOP debuted in BIGBANG in 2006 and has recorded remarkable achievements as an idol and an actor since then. T.O.P’s contract with YG Entertainment was terminated before the release of “Still Life”, BIGBANG’s latest single released in April. He did not renew his contract and has signaled other individual activities. 

In May, TOP was spotted filming unannounced content in Manhattan, New York, USA. Rumors have been circulating that he is running a wine business, which he has always been interested in.

Source: nate

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