Ji Chang-wook Mentions Chemistry With Im Se-mi, “Romance? There’s a subtle twist”

Actor Ji Chang-wook talked about his romance chemistry with Im Se-mi

On September 26th, the press conference for Disney Plus’s original series “The Worst of Evil” was held at Chosun Palace in Gangnam, Seoul. Actors Ji Chang-wook, Wi Ha-joon, Im Se-mi, and Han Dong-wook attended the event.

Ji Chang-wook

“The Worst of Evil” is a crime action film that depicts the process of police Jun-mo (Ji Chang-wook) infiltrating an organization, which is the center of drug trade in Korea, China, and Japan, in the 1990s to investigate them. This film was directed by Han Dong-wook, who assisted in the directing of various crime works such as “The Unjust”, “Nameless Gangster”, and “New World”, and written by Jang Min-seok, the writer of “Secret Reunion”.

Ji Chang-wook plays Jun-mo, an undercover police officer who puts his life on the line for success and recognition. Im Se-mi appears as Yoo Yui-jung, Jun-mo’s wife and an elite narcotics police officer.

When asked about chemistry with Im Se-mi in the movie, Ji Chang-wook said, “It’s not really like a romance”, adding “As the story progressed, there is a subtle twist between the characters. The desperation and despair of the characters who try to catch the criminals were much stronger than romance”. 

Im Se-mi added, “I played a married couple with Ji Chang-wook, I barely met him on the set. There was an uncomfortable emotion when the characters faced each other”.

“The Worst of Evil” will premiere on September 27th.

Source: Daum

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