Jessi Talks About Current And Former CEOs & Refuses Comparison With Lee Hyo-ri, “I Am Who I Am”

Singer Jessi showed her unique charms and honest personality

The October 31st broadcast of SBS’s “Dolsing Fourmen” featured the guest appearances of singer Jessi, actor Jung Suk-yong and professional gamer Kim Kwan-woo.

During the broadcast, Lee Sang-min told Jessi that he would ask her a very difficult question, saying “Who is better, current agency CEO Jay Park or former agency CEO Psy, who was with you in your prime time? Please answer in three seconds.”

Flustered by the sudden question, Jessi screamed, “I hate both of them”, drawing laughter. However, she later explained, “I like both, but Jay Park is very nice. It’s not that I hate Psy”, adding “Psy is older and he has a lot of experience, so I respected his opinions and followed his advice. Jay Park was my friend. After joining the company, we fought sometimes but that’s how we coordinated our opinions”. 

Regarding the rumors that Psy told her to not wear revealing clothes, Jessi said, “He didn’t prevent me from doing that. He only told me to wear less revealing ones. But if you stop me, the more I want to do it. What should I do? It’s very hot on the stage”, adding “Later, Psy did not complain anymore and he only said, ‘It’s pretty’, ‘You look cool’, etc. when seeing my outfits”.

When asked if she was confident in surpassing Lee Hyo-ri, who also released a new song recently, Jessi refused to answer. She said, “I would get criticized and cursed at for questions like this. How can you ask me such a question? I’m going to die”. In the end, she emphasized, “Anyways, I am who I am. I hate comparing myself with others”.

Source: Daum

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