Jeon Somi, Kwon Eunbi and STAYC to guest on “Knowing Bros”

Jeon Somi, Kwon Eunbi and STAYC are confirmed as the next guests on “Knowing Bros”.

Jeon Somi, Kwon Eunbi and STAYC, who are expected to hit the music industry this summer, will appear on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros”. In particular, all members of girl group STAYC appear on “Knowing Bros” for the first time, raising interest.

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Jeon Somi and Kwon Eunbi will meet the “Knowing Bros” cast again in about 4 years after appearing in 2019. Prior to her solo debut, Jeon Somi appeared on “Knowing Bros” and gave laughter with her solo dance, waist-bending skills as well as various episodes.

Kwon Eunbi, who has recently been active in various fields including radio and entertainment shows, appeared on IZ*ONE’s episode in the same year and showed off her promising variety skills. Expectations are high for the appearance of these two female idols.

The recording of “Knowing Bros” featuring Jeon Somi, Kwon Eunbi and STAYC will be held on July 20th and will be broadcast in August.

Source: Daum

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