Jeon So Mi reveals current relationship with ex-boyfriend, “We are in touch, 100%” 

Jeon So Mi reveals to be on speaking terms with her ex on “Witch Hunt 2023.” 

On August 18, the cast member of TVING’s “Witch Hunt 2023” deals with the stories of lovers who are thinking of getting back together after a breakup. 

Witch Hunt 2023

Before joining the discussion, the cast members spend some time resolving misunderstanding from the last episode. Joo Woo Jae playfully apologized for making fun of Mi Joo’s lack of dating experience. In response, the singer said, “It’s okay because it’s not true.” 

Jeon So Mi will appear as the show’s guest. In this appearance, the “Fast Foward” singer will perform a skit as an obssessive girlfriend on the “Location Choice” corner. 

Witch Hunt 2023

When asked whether Jeon Somi has been contacted by her ex, she gave a cool answer, saying, “We are in touch, 100%,” boasting a healthy relationship. 

The episode also features the “Turn on the Green Light” corner. In this segment, cast members and guests will give their opinions on specific matters using different colored lights. For the episode, the cast members and Jeon So Mi choose different light colors to represent their opinions, showing varied takes on a matter. Viewers will have to tune in to know more about the details. 

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