Jeon Jong-seo Recalled Attitude Controversy 6 Years Ago, “Wrong Then, Right Now”

The actress was criticized then but it would not be considered a controversy if happening now.

Actress Jeon Jong-seo recently talked about the controversy over her attitude six years ago. At that time, she was criticized, but now the same action has become acceptable.

Back in 2018, Jeon attended the Cannes Film Festival with his debut film “Burning.” Many reporters packed into Incheon International Airport to film Jeon departing for such a big event. However, Jeon’s expression was unexpectedly bad when she got out of the car to enter the airport. Her eyes were puffy and full of discontent, covering his face with his passport, making the reporters feel uncomfortable. This has become a controversy. Many pointed out that as a rookie, she needed to show a happy face at the Cannes Film Festival.

Jeon Jong-seo

As the controversy grew, Jeon Jong-seo said in an interview with the “Burning” cast, “It happened after I cried a lot because something sad happened to me personally. I didn’t know there were cameras. It was careless of me,” but added, “I still don’t know who was right or wrong in this controversy.” It’s definitely my fault that I did that, but I don’t know who can talk about what was right or wrong. I admit that it was not a normal behavior, but I hope you don’t think it was wrong.”

Netizens were also puzzled by her comment, which seemed to be an apology but not quite an apology. As a rookie, her acting has been proved, but because of the controversy many people believed she was childish.

Then, six years later, she appeared on the YouTube channel ‘Zzan Bro’ hosted by Shin Dong-yup. In the video, Jeon Jong-seo said, “I debuted when my father was diagnosed with a rare disease,” adding, “As an actor, my life side was rotting, and the other side (acting) was doing so well. We all have our own reasons, so we don’t need to explain and do this regardless of whether there is a misunderstanding or a rumor.”

Looking back, many people agree that Jeon should not have been criticized so much.

Source: Sports Chosun

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