Jay Park forgot English as he lives in Korea? Now 75% fluent in 2 languages

Male singer Jay Park recently admitted that after living in Korea for a while, he has forgotten a little bit of English. 

On June 16th, a behind-the-scenes video of “My Alcohol Diary”, which features the appearances of aespa Karina, BIBI, Jay Park, and MONSTA X I.M was published. 

In the video, Lee Young Ji asked Jay Park, “I have a question. You forget how to speak English, right? As you live in Korea”

To this, Jay Park replied, “I’m not kidding. It’s real. If I could speak 100% English and 20% Korean in the past, now I can speak 75% of each language.”

In response, Lee Young Ji said, “That sounds cool. I think your Korean is good”, before asking the male singer if he knows any four-character idioms. 

However, when Jay Park said he doesn’t know, Lee Young Ji taught him the phrase “Jipi-jigi Baeg-jeon-baeg-seung”, which means “If you know your enemy and yourself, you can win every battle”.

“When you fight 100 times, you will win 100 times”, Lee Young Ji also explained, at the same time telling Jay Park, “So I’m going to defeat you”.

In response, Jay Park jokingly said, “You’ve already got me. You’ve already won as soon as I came here”. He then flexed the Rolex watch Lee Young Ji gave him as a present and laughed, adding, “First, you gave me this, so the game is already over”.

Source: Naver

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