Danielle & Gyuna to be the Next “Visual Sisters” after Jang Wonyoung and Jang Da-ah? 

As Gyuna, the sister of NewJeans’ Danielle, is set to debut, comparisons are made with Jang Wonyoung and Jang Da-ah.

On March 31, the first OST “LAVA” of the Coupang Play original series “Hide” sung by rookie singer Gyuna was released.


Among them, a comment by a netizen on the “LAVA” video drew attention. The netizen wrote, “Congratulations on your debut, GYUNA. I know how hard you worked for this. I hope only good things happen to you, and I hope you become an excellent artist like your younger sister.”

In response to the question of who Gyuna’s younger sister is, a reply mentioned NewJeans’ Danielle. 


It is known that Danielle’s older sister, Gyuna, worked as a child model in her youth and appeared on programs such as “My Heart’s Crayon” in the past. 

With Gyuna’s debut in the entertainment industry, many people couldn’t help but draw comparison between Danielle and Gyuna to IVE’s Jang Wonyoung and Jang Da-ah, who is also famous as a pair of “Visual Sisters”

On the other hand, actress Jang Da-ah captivated attention even before her debut for being the older sister of IVE’s Jang Wonyoung. Last April, she signed an exclusive contract with the agency King Kong by Starship and announced her full-fledged activities as an actress.

Pyramid Game

Jang Da-ah, who appeared in the TVING drama “Pyramid Game”, which was released in February, received a lot of attention and concern even before the release of the work.

jang da ah-jang won young

However, she was recognized for her outstanding acting skills, with impressive eye gazes and minute detailed expressions. Despite playing a villain role, Jang Da-ah received a lot of love from the audience. 

In a subsequent post-finale interview, Jang Da-ah mentioned the modifier “Jang Won-young’s older sister” as inevitable and expressed, “It is obvious that I’d be called by such a title when I first debuted with little recognition. I accept and understand that, even though it’s not what I want”. 

“The most important thing is to build my own name as an actress, and once I achieve that, the ‘Jang Won-young’s sister’ title will naturally disappear”, she also emphasized.

Source: Daum

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